Most Important Things to Consider When Designing and Developing a Website

Most Important Things to Consider When Designing and Developing a Website

While designing or developing a user-friendly and eye-catching website, multiple things go hand in hand with code integrity and navigation to appearance and functionality. Skipping any one of these can cost you degradation in website design. Web designers and developers do work together in order to develop a website that can beat the competition. Really, they always have a lot of pressure regarding their work so, forgetting something important is obvious. Luckily, certain tips can guide you throughout the process of making a unique website. Going through all these tips will let you remember important points that you need to include on your website.

Select a domain and host

Have you ever forgotten domain names such as (Yahoo, Facebook, and Google)? Never, all these are not only memorable but also say much about their popularity. For creating a memorable website, a domain name plays an important role as it is something which exactly reflects the voice of your brand. Choosing a right name for your brand is essential. Incorporating the blend of simple spelling and SEO keywords in your domain name helps in getting leads and being located in top searches. Keep your domain name simple also never misspell it.

While choosing a domain name, it is important to consider the nature of your business or website. Is the website full of loads of presentations, pictures, and videos? Do you have a technical support in the office or do you want a trustworthy and responsive support from hosting provider? Apart from this consider the amount of traffic that your website will get. What security, backup and added features you will enjoy? Does hosting provider provide scalable solutions? Also before making any decision, search reviews about the performance of the company on third party websites or social media.

Effective color scheme

Having good color scheme would be a plus point for a website. Since colors can evoke emotional responses like frustration, calm and happiness. So, be a little bit choosy and consider your organization’s branding, niche, and target audience. Do research on colors to know which color can influence your audience better. Choosing a color scheme according to your branding and logo would be pleasing and overwhelming to see. Despite considering your choice, try to include colors which will put a great impression on your visitors.

Clean design

Designing is one of the most noteworthy things of a website. So, it must be clean and appealing. A quality design is easy to read and attractive with innate navigation. More interestingly, it is website’s clean design which let viewers focus on content and value of your brand despite distracting variety of text and graphics. Usually, we associate a website design with the product or company thus having a clean design is important for a website to offer a positive user experience which makes customers visit your site again.

Content Management System

Creation of a fully functional website is impossible without having a practical backend program. In the website’s world, it is equal to the user experiences. Just like a car cannot work properly without an engine. Similarly, without a well-designed backend, your website would not be able to engage your visitors. For informational websites, WordPress is the best CMS.


For avoiding any type of confusion, design a website which will be simple and easy to navigate. Otherwise, your customers will just visit through it once and never come back. To improve appeal and efficiency of your website’s navigation, carry out a detailed review same as a new visitor. For increasing the navigation ability to your site, one interesting way is adding a sitemap. In addition to this, streamline navigation by removing underperforming or unnecessary pages as these will reduce load time while increasing the quality and online presence of your brand.


When it comes to functionality, there are some points that you need to consider. Check whether the website is functional without broken links or loading issues. Are implemented security features according to your business’s requirements? Apart from these functional problems, viewing your website’s features from visitor’s perspective is also important. For this, examine that the customer feedback, contact forms, and surveys sections are functioning accurately or not. All these functional elements will make your customers to leave your website.

Integration with social media

It’s a requirement for websites. Since technology has made information sharing so convenient, organizations not integrating with social media fail to get the benefit of what is liked by the today’s customers. Social media offers a venue for customers to promote your brand, reviews and aware of your organization related news. Visual and written content including branded videos and product images are easy to distribute on different platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Responsive website

Many statistics indicate that people widely use their mobile devices for doing online searches. Actually, around 95% of mobile users depend on their devices in order to search local services and products. For reaching out such an amount of increased population of mobile users, businesses ensure that their sites are available on the device too. Organizations with existing online presence, it is good to develop a separate mobile-friendly website to execute fine on any electronic device. Businesses that are planning to launch their websites would be better served by responsive design as these are able to adapt to any device.


Unique and high-quality content relevant to your products or services is necessary to consider while designing a website. Everything from stuffed keywords to quality of your content affects your website’s ranking in Google search results. Keyword help customers rapidly find out the information they are seeking. For the improved appeal, a web page must contain not less than 150 words.

SEO-Friendly code

Whether you are optimizing existing web pages or developing a new one, its code must be clean and SEO friendly. This will offer you with a good return on your investment. Different CMS like WordPress offer plugins to simplify the process of improving search engine ranking and cleaning up the code so, these would be the perfect option to drive traffic to your website.

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