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Search Engine Optimization

Why You Need High Search Engine Rankings?

Google Adwords Authorized Agency - Antechnologie search engine rankings mean high traffic from search engines. The majority of traffic to a web site is driven by main search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing. Website without traffic is just like a shop without customers. It is very critical to get your website listed on the first page or second page of the search results, as per the studies conducted only 10% visitors go beyond first page of search engine when looking for any search results. Now just imagine if your website is not on the first page for the strategic keywords. So to get high traffic from search engines, your web pages should have higher search engine rankings.

How SEO Companies help your Company / Website?

Search Engine Optimization is not just about boosting the traffic to the website; it also ensures that the traffic on the website is relevant & converts into business. Increasing traffic and higher positions on search engines is just the beginning. It is really important that your SEO Company is capable to convert those visitors into customers. It is the job of SEO's to identify high traffic generating keywords by which the users are searching and use those keywords on web pages. Another important matter is how the SEO Companies make your web pages search engine friendly and user friendly. Top SEO Companies always stick with ethical practices and recommend / alter changes on your web pages, fix technical issues, create user friendly content, monitor performance and keep you informed every time with reasons why they are doing such practices. Though these practices appear to be just about making few modifications on the parts of your website, but SEO is a long term strategy and regular changes lead to incremental improvements and therefore only expert SEO services companies can be relied on for such a job. When combined with other optimization initiatives, these changes have a noticeable impact on your site, user experience and performance in organic search results. All this ultimately reduces client acquisition cost and increased returns on investments. In SEO services often seem as if it is about making few modifications to parts of your website. But SEO is a long term strategy and regular changes lead to incremental improvements and therefore only expert SEO services can be relied on for such a job. When combined with other optimizations, these changes have a noticeable impact on your site, user experience and performance in organic search results. All this ultimately reduces client acquisition cost and increased returns on investments. Search Engine Optimization: Balancing the SEO strategies is extremely essential and hence, along with the basic on page optimization process, it is equally important to balance the off page optimization services.


Link Building: The success of any website greatly depends on its traffic particularly the traffic obtained from the site's linking structure. Hence, in order to strengthen the entire linking structure, we provide you with services like Directory submissions, article submissions, Press Release Submissions and Search Engine Submission.


Guaranteed SEO: Web presence is prime concern for web property owners. Existence on SERPs in top position will ensure incessant business. Ascertain SEO services for competitive keywords and high traffic along with guaranteed ROI. Outshine your counterparts that exist in thousands all over the globe with smart optimization.


Local SEO: Leading the market, local as well as the international market is always a dream pursued by business owners. However, amidst the highly competitive business world, making an impact in the local market is equal to winning half the race. And, to help you make the impact, we at SEO Management offer you Local SEO services like submissions, meta tags, etc. that will take you to the top of the local search engine result page.


Competitive Analysis: Decode the secret SEO strategies of all your competitor websites with our competitive analysis services. This will help you reform your SEO strategies for a better traffic and position on the web.


Conversion Optimization: Conversion optimization is the ultimate requirement of any business venture or company. After all, it is the dream of every company to grow big, bigger and biggest with its optimized business conversion. As a result, we offer you multivariate testing solutions that will help you target your business success.


Web Ranking Maintenance: No website is complete and can never be tagged as a completed website. Even with the best ranking and traffic, it is extremely essential for the web owner to properly maintain the website with regular submissions and site maintenance. This will help you keep your site on the top of the SERPs.

Social Media Optimization

Some of The Social Media Techniques We Use Are:

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Profile Listing
  • Social Event Marketing
  • Social Shopping Feeds
  • Blogging
  • Photo Sharing
  • Video Sharing
  • Game Sharing
  • Online Product Reviews
  • RSS Feed Promotion
  • Audio and Music Sharing
  • Question and Answers

Some of The Benefits of Social Media Services You Can Expect Are:

  • Increase in Targeted Traffic
  • Broaden Client Base
  • Broaden your Reach/ Target Market
  • Better Conversion
  • Better Online Brand Awareness for Your Products and Services
  • Multiply Qualified Inbound Links
  • Cost Effective Online Advertising
  • More Visibility and Accessibility of Your Business Name Over the Internet
  • Achieve Higher Natural Search Engine Rankings
  • Boost the Impact of Other Online Marketing Strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Direct Marketing
Imagine your content being vitally promoted by thousands and thousands of people among their peers and referred to in their contents. Today, social media marketing is allowing companies and businesses to present to their audience the right kind of brand personality and encouraging them to relate to their business as a friend. Enterprises now more than ever before, need to monitor their online brand reputations, and provide a timely response. Our experienced team at Antechnologie, through its vast expertise with social networking tools and social media services, would work towards getting the best out of your interactions with the end consumer. Social Media marketing is all about engaging your customer and building online reputation management with progress of your organization, providing them in-depth coverage of all your events and happenings and keeping them up-to-date with everything new related to you. With us, you not only explore the length and breadth of the prowess that we have at handling and working with all kinds of social media platforms, but also gain valuable insights into the highly effective medium which social media could be for your business. Through extensive research and functional implementation of strategies, we make sure that you reach your targeted customers online in the most efficient of ways. Your organization and Antechnologie would always be a potent partnership which would secure a widespread web presence for your business through social media optimization, making your business alive to new opportunities at every step of the deal. We understand the importance of a sensitive approach to dealing with people on social media. Our SMO experts are skilled in the art of dealing with people on social platforms so as to successfully convert the browsers into prospective present and future buyers, much to the delight of your business. With us, you never miss out on the most miniscule of details that could in any ways effect your business activities both on and offline. Whether starting out with a blog, or needing a presence on social networking platforms viz Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn, etc., we have an excellent team to handle all your social media marketing aka online reputation needs. The SMO services provided by Antechnologie will devise a comprehensive social media strategy and execute a plan that will give your enterprise maximum results in terms of interactivity, feedback and customer participation.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click marketing (PPC Marketing) is often known as the paid version of standard SEO campaigns through which advertisers can attract instant traffic and attain top positions in leading search engine results. It is the most hassle-free way of advertising and most noticeable way of reaching the target audience. Google Adwords Certified Partner Apart from being an instant way of reaching out to your target audience, PPC campaign management gives the freedom to strategically target the eyeballs. Through PPC Campaign management, one can choose the demographic and geographic characteristics of the target audiences and accordingly set a time and budget for the campaign. Through paid Ads, search engines have made it easier for marketers to implement the most talked about Marketing strategies like segmenting, targeting and positioning for their businesses. With Google Adwords, running a pay per click campaign management has become simple enough for anyone with a basic knowledge to manage a PPC account and assist anyone in getting a large number of clicks in a few hours. The only difference between a vendor next door and a professionally run PPC Service provider is the objective of running a campaign. PPC experts at Antechnologie (PPC Advertising Company) measure the performance of a campaign through conversion rate rather than Click through rate, which is calculated by dividing total number of clicks by the total number of impressions. Antechnologie (Pay Per Click Marketing) has a highly skilled team, consisting of Google Certified PPC experts’, who strive to optimize the PPC campaigns with an aim of not only increasing clicks through rate but also strategically increasing conversion rate. At Antechnologie, we believe that monitoring and evaluating the performance of a campaign is more important than simply running a PPC management campaign. To ensure this, we have a dedicated team of business analysts, who are responsible for not only generating but also interpreting reports for the clients. Apart from content writers, we have expert copy writers, who excel in writing creative and eye-catching Ad copies. The degree of attractiveness of the Ad copy is directly proportional to its chances of turning viewers to visitors. Unlike many vendors, we don’t use any automated tool to manage the bid for the keywords; rather we prefer to bid manually. Being an expert SEO company with expertise in web designing and website management, we know the importance of attractive and relevant landing pages. All our PPC Campaign Management Service Packages include free of cost consultancy for designing effective and optimized landing pages. All our Pay Per Click management service packages are completely transparent. You will retain the complete ownership of your account at all times and will continue to do so even if you decide to discontinue using our services.