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User Interface Designing

Ten Seconds or less. That’s all the time your website has to convey your message, inform, influence and involve the visitor to further explore about your products or services. In an age, where web-presence has essentially become the first point of contact between all businesses and their prospective customers, a professionally created website and a terrific web designing service go a long way in creating a strong impression about your business and thus help in converting a visitor into a customer or a client. Similarly, a poorly created website design will do more harm to your online reputation than any good. Especially for e-commerce, the e-commerce website design should give the visitors a compelling reason to respond to your web presence either by providing them with effective information or by citing the benefits they will get by using your services/products over your competitors. The look and feel of your website decrees how your prospects interact with you. The Information Architecture (IA) and the Persuasion Architecture (PA) define how visitors would behave and to what level you would engage them through your user interface. Understanding the business logic and the desired goals of your website, we utilize information dissemination, product purchase, newsletter subscription and like information elements to create unique user interfaces that display your web functionally and showcase your brand in the best possible light.
  • White space management
  • Colour compatibility
  • Consistent corporate brand guidelines
  • Visually appealing interface
  • Effective layout of content and images
More than 69 % of Internet users are likely to leave a web site if it takes too many clicks to find what they're looking for. Therefore, one cannot underestimate the importance of a simple yet highly functional navigation system. The most significant aspect of the navigation system is its consistency across the website to provide an excellent user experience. At Antechnologie - website design service company, we test every level of contact or interface that your customer may have with your website and present the most cogent user interface leading to nothing less than the client’s delight. Employing a highly involving website design and structure is a sure-shot way to maximizing usability and so are :-
  • User-friendly interface – Information Architecture (IA)
  • Task-oriented workflow – Persuasion Architecture (IA)
  • Intuitive navigational schemes
  • Accessibility standards
  • AJAX-powered interactivity
We at Antechnologie a web design company realize and understand the importance of a functional, deliverable and easy to navigate website. With intuitively designed user interface, which provides your website’s visitors with an aesthetic experience, we help define the next action of the visitor and further interactions for greater possibilities.

Branding Solutions

Surviving the market amidst the swarming competition is extremely essential for all online business entrepreneurs. And, Branding is a special component that helps your online property achieving your targeted business goal with ease. For every small company created in the web market, branding is an essential factor that carves its path to success. Branding solutions form an important factor for a new novice online property as it is for any multi-national company. In simple words, branding gives your business an online recognition or identity amongst the millions of other online companies. Thus, if you want your online business to be renowned amongst the major business corporations, it is essential that you brand your business with the help of the best marketing company that offers you ideal business branding solutions. Awareness! Perception! Desirability! We at Antechnologie understand that branding your products or services does not stop at creating a beautiful corporate logo or a catchy name; it is the continuous experience your customers have with your company. In a constant endeavor to provide our clients with the most comprehensive marketing and branding solutions, our expert creative team lays the foundation for all branding activities to create strategies that work in the real as well as the virtual world. Influencing the customer behavior in favor of a common successful objective to bring about positive emotions with respect to the brand is the prime focus of our work. As part of our branding solutions, we study your business objectives, your products and solutions, and most importantly your end customers to know what they want and how your brand can influence their buying behavior. Consistency of the message across all domains undoubtedly has critical implications for a brand and thus designing a complete online communication strategy that speaks aloud about the corporate branding is as much vital to us as it is for you. With our vast experience and a relentless approach towards excellence in various domains, we help our clients convey their unique value preposition through creative communication and functionally viable structures. We help your company create effective value propositions that empower the visitors to make informed decisions which in-turn prove beneficial to your company. Building awareness, attracting eyeballs, converting browsers into buyers and turning first-time buyers into loyal customers for our clients remains the biggest motive of all our branding strategies. We understand that corporate branding is a unique exercise as the elements involved are different from those applicable in the physical world, even though the objectives of both remain the same. Superior brand presence and brand recall help you distinguish yourself as a cut-above the rest, forming your unique identity in the virtual world. Our impeccable branding strategies ascertain that your presence is felt by the growing number of consumer eyeballs over the internet. We design and create your corporate logo, bearing in mind the crucial part it plays in building your brand recognition as well as creating trust in your clients and customers. At the end of the day, what matters the most in corporate branding is creating and increasing the customer recall for your brand, for him to come back to you, over and over again. Our online branding techniques and branding solutions add value to your brand image and thus prove beneficial in forming a positive brand perception. We help your brand in highlighting the benefits that attract your desired customers and give you the advantage that you desire and deserve. We understand that brands begin with just an idea and ultimately reside with the consumers as perception, and therefore we always aim at providing a positive end-to-end customer experience to all your website visitors.