5 WordPress Plugins You Absolutely Must Have

Must have WordPress plugins! Are you also searching for the answer to something like this? WordPress is really one of the most innovative development platforms.

Wonderful plugins architecture of WordPress makes it so powerful that it lets developers and users extend the functionality of a simple content management system.

Basically, a WordPress plugin is a program or group of one or two functions which include a specific set of features to the WordPress weblog.  Generally, these are written in PHP, a scripting language. These are simple to integrate with the weblog via access methods and points offered by Application Program Interface.

Whether you want to add a shopping cart or photo gallery to your website, do almost everything that you want in your website. Really, plugins are featured with all the wonder that this wonderful CMS has to offer. If you want to make your website look more awesome and interesting in functionality then integrating such sort of pieces in your website, would not be a wrong choice.

Now, let’s dive into the list of plugins that every developer should install on their WordPress websites:

  1. All in one SEO pack

Getting your website on the top of the list would not be possible without deploying good SEO strategies. For expecting a good rank for your website in search engines, it should be accurately optimized. This will help you to get sufficient traffic to your website. On a WordPress website, you simply need to install All in One SEO pack plugin to get your website SEO friendly. It will let you describe custom Meta keywords, titles and descriptions for each and every post and page.

  1. Contact form 7

Who would not like to have visitors that contact you?  Definitely, no one. This is really a wonderful way to know that how you are doing in the market and also the best way to earn bucks for your pocket.  Contact form 7 plugin offers an easy way to make a variety of contact forms and include them on your WordPress website with petite code snippets. So, now you can ask your friends for donation.

  1. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery offers a simple way to upload images and making galleries. Most interestingly, there is no restriction on the number of galleries so, you can enjoy making as many galleries as the storage system of your hosting account allow you. Once stored, you can drop them into pages and posts with just a simple click on an icon available in the WYSIWYG editor.

  1. Fancy box

Fancy can make everything looks better. WordPress Fancybox plugin lets your images appear in the animated frame in the background of the shaded screen, rather than popping up in a fresh window that always seems abhorrent. It is also rich in multiple customization features like frame appearance and animated behaviors.


  1. Akismet

Akismet is a wonderful plugin and comes with WordPress. Akismet plugin is featured with spam filtering which detects spam comments once submitted on your website. When you will see your posted blog again and watch a well-expressed comment on a post like “it is a nice post, I like it. I will visit this post again. By someone named John!

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