Advanced digital marketing strategies to consider in 2018

Advanced digital marketing strategies to consider in 2018

Now, we have already headed towards 2018 and the industry that has again grabbed the attention of businesses is digital marketing. Have a look around you to watch the influence of this wonderful platform on the entrepreneurs. From shopping businesses to different campaigns, almost everyone is utilizing this platform to have audience and customers. Whether it is a brand or celebrity, today promotional campaigns can’t be successful without targeting the audience on the Internet. As you know, in 2017, Google has put its efforts to make many alterations, for offering the better search experience to the users. For implementing those changes, everyone has to go through the digital marketing strategies in 2018. Since your ultimate target is to generate sales and receiving more traffic towards your e-commerce business. So, you need to consider different factors while planning New Year digital marketing strategy. Now let’s have a look at them.

Concentrate on better conversion rate

Using top ranking keywords might be helpful in achieving desired ranking and improved amount of traffic to your website. But it does not matter much if not converting into sales. Conversion rate is essential and every business whether it is big or small understands its significance. Many other factors like heading tags, Meta tags, and URL are also important for conversion rates but you need to focus on some additional parameters.

Going beyond the fundamental optimization techniques would also be helpful in converting traffic into sales. There are some other methods that you can use in order to improve the conversion rate of your website. To track the user’s behavior, keep checking your Google Analytic account on daily basis. This will definitely help you in getting better conversion rate.

  • Embedding videos can improve the number of visitors as well as purchase rate of your services
  • Landing pages featured with social reviews, CTA, and pointed headlines
  • Clean navigation and easy to use structure
  • Eliminating password friction from checkout
  • Website Speed optimization

Website loading speed is an essential factor for an online business, to do well on the internet. How speedily your website’s server handle an HTTP request decide the fortune of your business on the web.

Delay in loading a webpage leads to the drop in views; drop in customer satisfaction and loss in conversion also. So, you need to keep your website optimized using best strategies. For this, you can try out Google page speed optimization tools to check your site. In addition to this, build an individual website for mobile.

  • Compress CSS and HTML files
  • Eliminate unnecessary redirects
  • Make use CDN
  • Try to use fewer amounts of CSS, JS and HTML

Produce quality content

Have you given a deep look at the Google search experience? If yes, then you have surely noticed the enhancement of different features like knowledge graph, featured snippets and rich answers.  Do you want to know why Google does this? Just to offer a better user experience so that they can spend a large amount of time on search outcomes. Differently featured snippets result in pinching loads of traffic from the websites which are ranked at the top positions, in search results. Therefore, your website might be ranked for a specific keyword but receives more traffic by featuring in snippets outcomes.

  • Looking for some simple and easy methods to rank your website in snippets
  • Target long tail keywords in your content
  • Try to write content with accurate formatting options like using numbering, bullets points and heading tags
  • Content must contain question formats like why what and how etc.
  • Generate relevant content by aiming at your visitor’s queries

Be careful while choosing a paid advertising platform

Advertising at digital platforms has done at the fast pace. Based on the report published on Google and New York Times, around 85 % of the total amount is spending on the digital marketing. GoogleAdWords and Facebook Ads always confuse the people while picking one for them. But seriously, you should not go for the comparison between both as these are perfect platforms to serve the people with particular intentions and also the audience. Just for your convenience, if you want instant sales for your industry, using Google Ads would be a better solution for you. As usually, people search Google, for finding out a solution or service. Social platforms are less acceptable for such sort of solutions but Facebook Ads are perfect for displaying business related ads to create brand effectiveness and awareness for marketing purpose instead of conversion rates. Google Ads are extremely targeted for searches; it will make you spend more in comparison to the Facebook Ads. While using a paid platform, try to be careful every time and also keep track where your users are more dynamic.

It’s all about digital marketing trends in 2018. Hope the points mentioned in this blog will be helpful to you.

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