6 Things You Need to Know About WordPress

6 Things You Need to Know About WordPress

Who doesn’t know about this wonderful content management system? I think, almost every one of you has surely heard about it. I have worked with this particular development platform and seriously, it always offers me with great experience in designing multiple websites without doing hectic coding. Since I started using WordPress, I have never liked working with any other development tool.

What makes WordPress different from others? Its awesome features which let the developers do as much they can.

Content management

Most of the web development organizations and developers are considering WordPress for developing websites today and the main reason behind this is the flexibility that it offers to edit, write and publish content on the internet. According to some studies, around 50 to 60 percent websites are designed using this development platform. You can find many reputed brands using WordPress such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, for publishing their blogs. In addition to this, The New Yorker and The Next Web are also designed on WordPress.

Perfect for blogging

WordPress is also popular as a blogging platform. While using this CMS, developers realized that they could perform much more interesting things with it. These days, it is serving almost all from communities, e-commerce websites, and online courses. Whether you want to build a website for numerous online selling of services or products, WordPress let us do almost everything that we want. And, obviously, it is still wonderful option or blogging.

Ton your website with thousands of plugins

With extended functionality, WordPress plugins are best to include different functions without coding. You can enjoy both paid and free plugins that let you do anything without writing lengthy codes from scratch. At present, WordPress offers 45K+ free plugins which can be accessed through its official directory. This count is not short and can be used while thinking to design multiple websites.

Apart from this, if you have knowledge of PHP then you can enjoy customizing any plugin or building it from scratch.

WordPress can be used for intranet sites

People think that plugins can only extend the functionality of a WordPress website but they don’t know that these can also be used for back-end functionality which most of the organization require.

Different things such as issue tracking, all-in-one intranets, and customer relationship management software are also achievable with WordPress. Such sort of applications are self-hosting so, you can enjoy these without paying to any service provider. Just try to deal with all those plugins yourself.

Totally free

Since Word press is open source so, it is completely free; you never need to pay a single penny out of pocket for getting it. More interestingly, you can also make changes to the codes. You can utilize it for developing any kind and any number of the website you want without having any additional license. There are thousands of plugins and themes which can be used and customize based on your requirements.

Easily manageable websites

A website build using WordPress is easy to manage as compared to others. Not only in terms of managing content, is a WordPress website also easy to maintain. As WordPress has been in the market for many years, the vast online community is using it so; if you experience any issue or question, someone else already has that problem as well as the solution.


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