Dos And Don’ts of Social Media Scheduling

Dos And Don’ts of Social Media Scheduling

Whether you are running a big business or a small organization, selecting the right time to create appealing content for your social media accounts is essential. Since social media is playing important role in the business branding and popularity so, being your business active on it can make a big change for it. Once you get the content, choosing out a right and effective strategy to share posts can experience out-and-out daunting and the intricacy just exaggerates as you include more social accounts to your collection.
The introduction of different scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, buffer, sproutsocial has made it easy and helpful to schedule the social media mess. Such sorts of tools are quite easy to use and mostly come with tutorials to guide you how to do everything. Here, I have discovered and discussed certain best strategies which will be helpful in making your account appealing and appear more professional.

Things that you need to consider 

Avoid scheduling the similar posts all through your accounts. For this, treat every social media platform individual and create account according to that, as different social media accounts treat different things in different ways. This must be done because if your visitors are following you on different platforms and you are sharing the duplicate posts, it seems impersonal and frankly speaking, your visitors may also lose interest in you.


  • Keep checking your accounts regularly to make this sure that all posts and images are visible on the page.
  • Try to schedule holidays posts as soon as possible, this would be helpful for you.
  • Never schedule and forget your post. Give some time to check in your community and notifications.

I hope all these tips will be helpful in all scheduling endeavors. Please share your suggestions and comments below!


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