Interesting Trends Related WordPress

Interesting Trends Related to WordPress

Surprisingly, WordPress has overtaken the website development market. Since it was developed in 2007, this robust CMS has continued to grow progressively. With access to unlimited plugins and themes, this wonderful development platform offers multiple options to pick from. Website developers love it because of its regular updates. Most interestingly, WordPress offers us with different WP trends and techniques just for the welfare of our businesses. From the past two or three years, WordPress is enjoying popularity and domination in the digital market. If you are a WordPress specialist and looking for some more interesting updates, then just scroll through this article. Here, you will surely discover some unknown trends that will remain in the demand this year.


E-commerce related themes

WordPress is famous for offering catchy and interesting themes. With the tremendous use of WordPress in e-commerce businesses, many e-commerce website owners are shifting towards it. The huge availability of flexible WP themes enables designers to incorporate different functionalities and features according to their requirements. Have you ever heard about WooCommerce? This wonderful WordPress theme is designed specifically for online shopping websites to discover a wide range of products at multiple destinations.

Integration of parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling will likely be trendy this year. Many single page websites can enjoy benefits of this modern fashion because it develops an unforgettable impact on visitors. Added to this, it improves customer’s engagement by alleviating the bounce rate successfully. Implementation of this particular trend will surely make your website attractive in all manners. You can take an example of parallax scrolling by accessing different websites which already have deployed this trend.

Focus on HTTPS and Encrypted websites

In this fast-growing digital market, security is the main concern for every website. Because of undesirable outcomes and cyber threats, Google strongly encourages website owners and developers to add extra security features to their sites. Many websites already have secured their websites by converting them from HTTP to HTTPS.


Improved use of microinstructions

Implementing micro interactions in your web pages is a great way for grabbing the attention of visitors and making them stay on your website. Developers need to continue this popular trend to be famous in web development and designing field. On different websites, you can see small but engaging elements in the form of moving animations and visual feedback. In addition to the page design, micro interactions offer appealing highlights about the content and keeping the visitors on that particular page.

Increased use of SaaS plugins

SaaS stands for Software as a service. Basically, this term is traditional but for WordPress users, it is quite new. This particular model offers advanced functionality at reasonable price ranges. For example, OptinMonster enables users to utilize different products on subscription charge that increases profits in terms of sales and reduces the bar.

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