Digital Marketing to Promote Businesses to Greater Heights of Success

Online marketing is a better alternative to Off-line and conventional marketing.  Achieving business success is no longer tough these days if done in right way. In short, digital marketing is all about promoting businesses across the internet. Different amazing strategies are used for this purpose, including email marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, web designing and many others. Digital marketing concept has potential to build or destroy startup businesses and international brands.

Doing marketing using digital media channels is known as online marketing. While talking about digital marketing, its domain is expanding rapidly. Online websites, mobile devices, social media channels, television, all these components come under digital marketing.

What is the role of digital media channels in building your brand and business?

Whatever the size of your business is- small or large; your business can be effectively marketed using affordable digital channels. A website is considered as the base for your marketing efforts. So, simply, invest in a website and get ready to enjoy profits and benefits of digital marketing. And, don’t forget to following things:

  • Try to put additional marketing efforts
  • Effectively popularize your brand and business
  • Properly target your audience
  • Easily navigable on top searches by search engines
  • Offers multiple mediums for customer communication


Digital marketing tools that will help you to reach, engage and convert your visitors into target customers

Utilizing right software tools for managing digital marketing, data insights and content is important! Without having right one, you won’t be able to make a strategy to reach target follower and customers. It will let you offer complete insights on conversion rate optimization, customer journeys and personas and many other digital metrics requirements for staying ahead of your competitors.

Below you can digital tools that must be in your marketing toolkit-

  • Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • AdWords- Paid Search
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Automation/ Email Marketing


All these tools will help you to streamline your digital marketing process. Now, let’s have a detailed explanation of each tool

  • Search Engine Optimization

Many paid and free premium tools are available to help guide and improve SEO tasks. Considering both off-page and on-page SEO techniques for search engine rankings is crucial. Mainly there are six types of SEO tools such as Backlink analysis, Rank checking, Analytical tools, Site crawling, Audience Insights, Keyword analysis etc.

To perfectly rationalize SEO, organizations need to take its all aspects into consideration including this utilize every tool for the right purpose

Customer search analysis and keyword analysis

Search engine offers a variety of analytical platforms and tools to keep you keep you stress-free. These tools will help you plan, handle and maximize different SEM approaches. You can get keyword planner available in the AdWords dashboard’s tools section.  You can utilize this great tool without investing in AdWords. With the help of this particular tool, you can have a look at average monthly search level for your keywords. More interestingly, you can also set parameters for Google or filter keywords by location.

Google Trends, another tool for this purpose, it is perfect for knowing seasonal content and help in displaying results in an interesting and simpler visual way. Search queries and keywords are the main points of its interest but do not offer exact value of search engine optimization and number of searches.

Rank checking

Google Search console is the perfect option as this offer much more than just rank checking. It offers a view of your website through backdoor. It checks how your amp pages and search appearance are doing as well as crawling errors and links to your website. Another tool Moz Pro Rank Tracker is also a nice option for this purpose.

Site crawling

Screaming frog performs crawl for not only broken links but also offer SEO spider which is a well-known feature for SEO crawling. It craws script form, images, website links, CSS and show that much SEO friendly your website pages are.

Backlink analysis

Buzzsumo, it is not a free tool but best for analyzing your competitor’s most shared backlinks and identify all their links. With the help of this tool, you can watch out your social share for every URL too.


Adwords will let you almost everything that it has, yes, you can use keyword planner tool, search engine keyword tools, and Adwords campaign management dashboard. But everything depends on your paid search approach, you can target paid keywords which you cannot purely rank for. You may also use other tools like SEM rush, BidCops, and Word Stream.


Using right analytics tools is very important as it will provide you with all the data you require about different campaigns that you are running including key metrics and projects for the best performance of your company. More interestingly, you can have precious insight into the behavior patterns of your customers.

Google Analytics – If you are using a paid analytical tool like Adobe then you would surely have Google Analytics account. But if not then you have to create your account before using it. Kissmetics is also good for this purpose. It enables reporting on every sole registered user, retargeting options and segmented conversion using promotional banners.

Content marketing management-

WordPress is a free and open source content management system. This wonderful platform for developing websites is based on PHP and MySQL.

In addition to this, Smartling, Trello and WordPress Calendar extension is also good to use.

Marketing Automation Tools

Get Response offers webinars, marketing automation, email marketing and landing page creation. Its email marketing service enables organizations to set up forms, a/b testing, auto-responders and advanced analytics.

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